… and what if Jesus was Irish?

It’s a good question. One for which I haven’t the answer. But let’s face it, that’s not really why you are here.

You’re here likely because something I wrote had some keywords which matched something you were searching google.com for (or whatever search engine the other 2% of the internet uses). Then having read what I wrote, you probably thought “This guy is really clever” or “This guy is an idiot!” and wanted to find out if I was really either of those two things. In fact, I am more likely the latter.

But, if you’re still holding out for something more…

My name is Kyle Mallory, I’m 34, and live just outside Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a computer programmer by day, wannabefilmmakerhack by night. I currently collect my salary from a little company that employs some generally pretty cool people to develop web applications for the State of Utah.

I’m married to my lovely wife, Sharla. With whom we have a son, Austin, who is a very independent 2. With a second on its way, we’re hard at work creating the perfect Norman Rockwell home.

When I’ve got a spare, free thought, it usually goes toward something tech, or something cinema. Though occasionally I’ll dote about the state of our nation (politics), or the plight of our society (religion). Every once in a blue moon, I might give a moment to some homeless, random synaptic firing, and see what it develops.

3 Responses to “… and what if Jesus was Irish?”

  1. Hi Kyle,

    Sounds like you’ve made progress on the Foscam firmware. Can you tell an non-programmer (me) what you’ve discovered ? Are there improvements I can utilize with my cam ?

    • Improvements, none yet. We’re just barely learning how to reprogram the camera. We still have yet to actually do any reprogramming. Imagine trying to make creative and elaborate Jello dishes without knowing how to make Jello.

  2. Hi Kyle!
    I am doing some research on Foscam cameras, and was wondering if you have couple of minutes to answer couple of questions! A lot changed in their formats and API, but I found your findings very interesting. Also, I can share whatever we found so far.

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