Oh, Graphene

I’ve been really obsessed with graphene lately.. You know, graphene? It’s that not-so-newish carbon nano-mesh that a couple of researchers realised (not discovered) a couple of years ago, and won the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics with? If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, then just skip the rest of this post.


Okay, so graphene.. we’re on the same page now, right? Anyway, so I’ve been obsessing about it lately. Well, lately being the last 12 months, or so. I really believe that graphene will change the face of technology for the foreseeable future, much more so than plastics did in the 60’s.

That said, I started subscribing to RSS feeds on graphene papers, and investigating companies doing graphene research. I started buying small piles of stock in graphite mines, particularly the ones that have deposits of high-purity graphite, and just recently started looking into companies that are filing graphene-based patents. It’s starting to become so much of a mass of information that I read each day, that I need a way to distil what I find down to the gems, and in a way that I can remember them. Of course, the best way to do that, is to write it down. So, why not write it down for others to share, and encourage others to share their own findings too.

I’m no physicist, but I understand some more-than-basic concepts, and I’m always eager to learn more. That said, while a lot of what I find tends to be very technical research, I’m actually looking for more practical and “understandable” information on graphene developments.

So, please, send me your comments about cool graphene discoveries, and the individuals and companies behind them. If you are a researcher yourself, I would love to hear about the work your doing (if you are at liberty to discuss it).

To start things off, just today, I found this old interview with one of the Nobel prize-winning researchers, which I think summarises graphene, as well as an brief, yet disturbing glimpse into the mentalities of big business.

~ by kylemallory on June 7, 2011.

5 Responses to “Oh, Graphene”

  1. Here is a little gem of a find: http://ip.com/pq-graphene.html

  2. Very Interesting…. a host of patients being filed for energy cell usage. Many big players doing patient applications for various use…. Samsung, Hyundi Motors, GE, IBM and more.

    Now where do we find a good investment ???

    • Good question, Steve, and an ongoing one. Not all of the patents there are energy cell usage, some are processes for producing graphene, display substrates (touch screens, OLED displays, etc). At this point (realising I’m no financial advisor, or investment guru), I’m leaning more toward sources of graphite, and companies that are looking to produce graphene in larger and more cost-effect quantities (sheet size). At first glance though, Samsung seems to be taking a serious interest in uses for graphene. I’ve ran across a number of their patents already, so I may end up picking up some of their stock in the interim.

  3. An interesting article I came across today: http://www.nanowerk.com/news/newsid=21718.php I’d like to find more info, particularly on the mechanical properties (tensile strengths, etc), and fortunately/unfortunately, the discovery came from China, so I’m not sure how that complicates patentability or investment possibilities, but I could see that development being useful in a number of areas.

  4. Market report on graphene-based products. Summary: Compound annual growth rate (CARG) between 2015 and 2020 on graphene-based products to be 58.7%.


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