Hacking the Foscam FI8908W – Part III

Well, some good news. Some bad news.

I was able to put some more code together the last few days, and updated the foscam-util project on SourceForge.net. The changes utilize Lawrence’s findings relating to the system firmware file, and now the utility ‘fostar’ can pack and unpack the system firmware. With a little bit of magic using romfs and ucLinux build tools, its possible to rebuild the firmware file, and thereby possible to do install your own code on the camera.

The bad news. My tools, right now, just work in theory. I bricked my camera tonight after uploading a new firmware. I was able to unpack the original firmware, repack it, and upload it without any problem. But when I modified the romfs image, adding a couple of network binaries (telnetd, ftpd, and ping), as well as an empty /etc/ftpd.conf file, the camera loaded the firmware, didn’t report that it was invalid, but failed to reboot. Earlier I had tried with a firmware that included ssh and sshd binaries. The uploader reported the image was invalid, likely because the entire firmware package exceeded 2MB. I’m not sure what to make of the new situation though. I’m tearing apart my camera and hopefully I can plug into the JTAG and force the old firmware again.

Frustrating, but the only time progress isn’t made is when you’re not working on the problem, right? Hopefully I can find the parts to get my camera back up sooner than later.

Until I find out what’s wrong… be careful using the foscam-util stuff… Just say’n.


~ by kylemallory on May 6, 2010.

5 Responses to “Hacking the Foscam FI8908W – Part III”

  1. THANKS A LOT => your tool has permit to repair the WEBUI


    In the the bis WebGUI the tilt up functionality seems to be a bit broken. It reports two javascript errors (in both Firefox and Chrome): “support on mousedown event” and “support decoder_control function”. The camera then moves up anyway, but has to be stopped with an extra click on the stop button.

    Paillassou 😉


  2. Upload the firmware using the utility IPCAMERA TOOL. No JTAG is needed.

  3. http://www.solwise.co.uk/downloads/files/c1002-cd-contents.zip
    maybe there.
    Mail me your skype account.

  4. @kylemallory: So, it works?

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