Hacking the Foscam – Part II

Okay, been busy with the code I posted earlier, as well as some other code goodies, but I’ll post about those another time.

I’ll keep this post short, and to the point.  I’ve finished my extract.c application into a full-fledged utility for extracting, and yes, reassembling the APP_WARE firmware file (also known as the Embedded UI).  With this program you can extract all of the files from the UI firmware file, make changes, add new files, etc. and reassemble them back into a working firmware file, which can then be uploaded onto the camera.

Apparently WordPress doesn’t let me host even small source files, so I decided to go and make a project on SourceForge.net to host it, and other progresses made by myself or others. You can find the source here.

Enjoy!  (I trust, given my earlier post, you can figure out how to compile and run this…)


~ by kylemallory on April 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “Hacking the Foscam – Part II”

  1. Thanks for your pioneering work! I ordered a Foscam, will try your fostar util soon 😉

  2. Impressing! 🙂 Is there any chance you will take a closer look on the system firmware as well? I’ve been trying to get around the fact that Foscams can’t upload FTP picture files with a static filename. It puts the date/time into the filename, making the cameras unusable if you are thinking of using them to upload picture to websites. This is a common problem with many network cameras. Maybee if we could look inside the system firmware, there is a way to get around this problem? Finding a hidden parameter for setting the filename format would make my day! 🙂

  3. The system firmware will not be as easy as the UI I guess. That’s compiled machine code. With some easy hacking you might be able to change some texts or numbers, but leaving out the date/time in the filename would mean decompiling it.

  4. Hi,

    Very nice job, I try to extract the system firmware to edit it, but I don’t know where get the .bin file, do i have download it from the internet or can i get from the board ?


    • Both… Usually, you will download it from the Internet, but not all manufacturers make theirs available (foscam does, but some clones don’t). But, following some of the comments, you can find instructions on how to extract the firmware from your own camera, assuming you have the tools and patience.

  5. Hello, I see that you guys are trying to get into the Foscam (or similar) camera. My colleague and I have tried everything we can think of to try to extract the audio from the camera onto our iphones or androids. We know its in the MO_V, its G.726 but we cannot seem to extract the data. We wiresharked it and still are having a tough time pulling the audio out. Please HELP!

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