Tango, GDC, and Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) on x64

After months of dicking around with D, on various platforms, I finally got this working as easily as possible.

1) Install gdc-4.2 and libphobos-4.2 from the Ubuntu Repos.

sudo apt-get install gdc-4.2 libphobos-4.2

Download DSSS .deb and install:


2) Write your D program:

import tango.io.Console;
void main() {
	Cout("Hello World!");

3) Compile your program:

gdc -fversion=Posix HelloWorld.d -lgtango -o HelloWorld

Hope it works as easily for you, as it did for me. You’re mileage may vary.


~ by kylemallory on December 7, 2009.

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