Been a long time missing…

Wow, it’s been, seriously, forever… Anyway, whatever. So, lately, I’ve been getting into these discussions with my stepmother. What started as political banter (she’s conservative republican, I’m liberal democrat) eventually led somewhere to a sorta-crossed-paths regarding, for lack of a better term, new-age spirituality. I won’t insult you by telling you Christianity is a crock of shit, and that aliens are coming to save us just in time, before we destroy our Mother Earth on the afternoon of December 21, 2012. No, no, none of that. But I thought I would share some of my thoughts and insights in our little email discussions.

  • We are all connected (oneness). A book I read a while ago went so far as to describe ‘God’ as this oneness. The connected nature of all living beings. The author further suggested that our singular association of that word (at least in judeo-christian cultures) to a single entity which is the sum of the individuals, akin to referring to a large body of water as a singular entity, despite its composition of countless ‘drops’ of water. Regardless of the size of the body, when a smaller mass of water combines with it, it takes its name. We become separated from this entity when we isolate ourself from everyone else. We isolate by thinking of ourselves (selfishly), rather than thinking of the whole (selflessness). Judging is an act whereby we compare ourselves with others for the purposes of satisfying our internal desire to improve.An effect of being connected, and the nature of causality, is that, effect as a result of cause, translates throughout the body (oneness). While the effects are much more apparent nearer the epicenter of that effect, and while they diminishing throughout, the effect can still be measured (‘felt’) throughout the body. The larger the event, the more influence it has in effecting the overall body. In other words, what may be perceived as a localized event, a particular cause, no matter how minute it may appear, can have far and long lasting influences throughout the body. A phrase I try and live by as much as I can: “Forget the cause. Marvel the effect.” In other words, be conscious of, study, and relish the impact of your actions, no matter how minute you think they might be. This is not entirely effective, since it would be counter-productive to actually ignore or lose sight of the cause that initiated such effect. But it is important to understand the relevance of effect, and how that effect will influence another’s decision, thus causing them to effect, and so on.Are our decisions, and the effects caused by our actions, disruptive, working to isolate ourselves or other individuals, or are they harmonizing, and productive, strengthening our bonds among each other? I struggle with the terms ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. These are vague terms that impose a moral obligation based on years of indoctrination and social prudence (and even more frighteningly, precedence). I much more prefer this idea of harmonizing and productivity vs disruptive and isolationist. I’ve never really found a good alternative to those concepts, so thanks!
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