Republicans and Personal Freedoms – Part I

I was listening to a local radio talk show, where the host had invited a party spokesman from both the Republican and Democratic camps, to talk about “why them, and their candidate”. Near the end of the program, the host asked each spokesman to summarize, in 30 seconds or so, their party’s “brand”.

The Republican was first off, with a strong statement about minimizing government interference in our lives. “We are free to choose how we spend our money… We don’t want government telling us we have to pay for social programs and benefits that we don’t believe in. We don’t want government telling us how to live our lives. We are the party of Freedom, and the party of Capitalism. For Capitalism to succeed, we have to be free to do with our money as we see fit.” Those are statements I can get behind.

But then I started thinking about what the Republican party is today, and its major influences. This got me thinking along-side of a lot of different topics, from welfare, social security, health care, education, finance and the economy, and ultimately, to religion.

I have some points that I’ll get to later, primarily finance and the economy, but first… religion.

I’m surprised that a political party that is so strongly supportive of a minimalist government, and one which believes in individual freedoms, can be so bitterly opposed to issues of personal freedoms such as same-sex marriage, and abortion rights. I’m surprised that a political party, which is so deeply rooted in Christianity, can be so adamantly against the social programs which take away opportunity from the poor and underprivileged (I’m pretty sure Jesus would approve, not!). I’m surprised that a political party, which is centered on individual freedoms, is the first to listen to and obey every whim of their wealthy pastors and pompous leaders, to the point that their “freedom” becomes one that is dictated to them by another (and subsequently, blindly followed). I’m surprised that a political party, which is focused on individual freedom (and individual responsibility), places individuals into power who’s objective is centered on that individuals freedom, and not those who put them in power.

Follow with me over the next few posts (hopefully), and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


~ by kylemallory on September 18, 2008.

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