Okay, that was a total failure…

Not the short film, just me blogging about it.  Production was fun, if a bit hectic.  We started about an hour late, which meant we lost our first shot, which we were supposed to shoot at “magic hour”.  Now I have to go back and reshoot it.  Damn.  From there on, the night was behind schedule.  We were supposed to wrap at around 3am, but didn’t actually finish until nearly 5am.  It was the first night, and momentum was still building up, but by the end of the night, we were tired but all in good spirits.  A good bunch of people to be on set with.  Good attitudes, and lots of great memories.

We finally crashed back at the motel around 5:30/6am.  I decided to push the mornings scheduled call time of 8:30am back to 10am to give us a few more hours of sleep.  So, day two was behind schedule.  Originally scheduled to wrap around 4pm, we finally wrapped at 6pm.  10 pages down, in 2 8-hour days.  That’s a typical Hollywood pacing.  Not to bad.

With plenty of sleep to be had, we decided to pick up a little early and move the call-time from 9am on Sunday to 8am.  We were on set and setting up for our first shoot of the day by 9am.  Perfect.  Still a little slow getting our momentum back, we struggled to meet our schedule at the mansion, but managed to stike set by 1:30, and were out of the location by 2pm.  Nice!  But we’re not done yet.  At this point, we were able to release the majority of the company and all of the cast, which was actually about an hour earlier than scheduled.

With only one location left, we headed out at 3pm, to shoot our opening montage.  What should have only taken about 2 hours to shoot, required some last minute set dressings and shot logistics.  When it was all over, we finally wrapped production at around 7:15pm Sunday night.  15 pages in 3 days.

My hope was to edit on set, and be able to assemble scenes as we shot them.  We did this a few months ago on the SLC 48-hour film competition, and it worked out really well.  Not so well this time around.  Being a much larger production, I wasn’t able to get away from the set for more than a few minutes at a time, let alone long enough to catch a few minutes of an edit, and make notes.  It was important, and helpful, if nothing else, than to be able to as Scott (Post Coordinator) how things were shaping up, and if he had any special requests for shot coverage, etc.

Being the largest company I had assembled to date, that posed a few of its own challenges.  We never did get a script supervisor and our 1st AC cancelled a day before the shoot, so we were winging it with spare hands.  I think I even rolled focus on a few shots.

Transportation was a bit hectic.  In retrospect, and at the suggestion of Linda (producer), we should have assigned one our of PAs to Transpo, and had them shuttle cast/crew between base camp and the locations, particularly on Saturday where we were shooting on the side of the road.  At times we had 6 company cars, 2 prop cars, and a 5-ton grip truck parked on the shoulder of the road were we were shooting.

Almost a week after production, I finally got the last of the footage to Scott for editing, and got my first real glimpse of the edited scenes.  I’m happy with it.  It’s still a “rough cut” so there is lots of room for improvement, but all in all, the scenes make me chuckle inside– a good sign.

Hopefully we’ll have a finished rough cut in time for the wrap party this weekend… And hopefully I’ll get some BTS pics and some frame grabs to post soon.


~ by kylemallory on July 29, 2008.

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