Wow. I’m lame.

It’s been how long? Lame. Ultra-lame. Truth is, I knew from the start that this would probably happen.  I’m just not much of a “journalling type”.

But, let’s see. I got my RED camera. Like, 3 months ago. You can rent it if you like. It’s cool. It takes pretty pictures that move (some people call it video). I’ve rented it out a few times, and made some cool films with it. We even made one in 48 hours.

Then it broke. I had to send it back for a few days. But, they fixed it, and now its back again. I like my RED camera. It’s pretty (in the same way that the original H1 Hummer is pretty).

Lately, I’ve been doing more stuff for Piranha. I wrote a plugin to edit R3D footage from the RED camera. Then RED changed their file format. Jerks!

I also started to play around with tweaking the FCP Import plugin, so I could import my 48-hour film (which was cut on FCP) into Piranha, and play around with my 4k footage from my pretty RED camera.  But then RED changed their file format. Jerks! (Don’t make me punch you in the face, or call down the wrath of God on your little wet, rat of a mexican dog.)

The last two weeks have been spent in pre-production on two new short films I’m trying to get shot this summer. One is a reshoot of a film that I made last year for the Group 801 project (10 filmmakers, 10 short films each month, for 6 months— brutal!). It was a cool script, but the execution wasn’t perfect. Plus, now, I have a pretty, new, RED camera. So I’ve been auditioning, and cleaning up the script, and scouting locations, and starting to pull together my crew. It should be fun.

The second script is a new story, that I thought would be fun. It’s a dirty, silly, sexploitation horror. That is all I will day. If all goes well, it should be quite the romp.

Finally, today, I’m playing around with the latest version of Celtx. It’s cool. It kicks ass! I just wish it had a budgeting module. Maybe for 1.1. Hopefully, I’ll post again before that happens.


~ by kylemallory on June 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “Wow. I’m lame.”

  1. You fucking rock, send me a mail, I _hate_ red, i have to design a whole god damn workflow to deal with their shitty format.

  2. The Red is way overpriced. It makes images on par with the Sony EX1.

  3. Well, I can’t say that I hate the camera, that would be a lie. In fact, I love the camera. EX1 may have comparable images from a purely technical perspective, but the “RED aesthetic” can’t be found anywhere else, especially in its price range. I love the camera, really I do! And I love REDs support and customer service, I just don’t like some of the decisions that they’ve made in marketing and developing the camera… But I’d still take their “open communication” over Sony’s. And RED is getting better, learning and making progress.

  4. As for the format… it does leave a little to be desired, but the HVX was a pain in the ass for the first year it was out for the same reasons. Format/codec that no NLE (except FCP) could read. Now its prolific and everywhere. At least RED made their tools available to everyone, for free, not just the owners of their camera. The fact that they are trying to keep their format proprietary though, makes absolutely no fucking sense. If they were smart, they would document everything, open source the codec, and then focus on making a great camera. But it will probably never happen. Time to go pour a glass of scotch.

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