98% Of All Web Designers Are Idiots

Don’t believe me.  How do I know?

Here is a simple test that anyone can do to find out whether your favorite website was designed by idiots.

Go into you System Preferences, and change your color scheme so the default font color is white, and your default font background color is black. Then, open up your browser and go surf the Internet for a few hours. See how much fun you have!

Here’s the deal. If you’re a web-designer, and you ever, ever, set the background color of an element, you damn well better also set the foreground color as well.

I know, I know.. It’s my own fault for using non-standard black on white system font colors. Come on, really! All good designers know, if you’re going to set one, set the other! It’s common courtesy. So, please, help a guy out, and do the right thing…

body { color: black; }

See, that wasn’t so hard. Now, tell all your friends to do the same.


~ by kylemallory on February 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “98% Of All Web Designers Are Idiots”

  1. Who would even DO such a thing? I mean…



  2. Hah! Brilliant find! I rest my case!

  3. I personally think web designers are idiots and fools who get paid alot of money doing nothing. I mean really, the programmers are the real deal,…

    • Unless you are creating a website that requires back-end code, hiring a developer instead of a designer would be a mistake. Every client who cares about the state of their brand will want it to be “designed”. I agree with what this article says, as designers we need to come at problems from every angle. The only difference to a client is how the website looks, 75% of them won’t ask how it works, or care for that matter. As a designer / developer hybrid, I can tell you, both are important. If you are creating a large website with an admin panel with lots of interactivity and functionality.. A good developer is needed. If you are creating a website for a local coffee shop / micro-brewery / small business / event .. This DOES NOT require development skills. If you can afford both, do it. If you can’t, depending on the business you are running, a designer is the best bet. People who don’t care about aesthetic need to wake up. The world is driven by design and if you can’t respect it, keep your mouth shut because nobody wants to see your 1997 style website.

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